• Heat Exchanger for Power Plant
  • Heat Exchanger for Power Plant
  • Heat Exchanger for Power Plant
  • Heat Exchanger for Power Plant
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Heat Exchanger for Power Plant
We provide a dependable cooling solution with low operating costs for different power plants.
A highly dependable system that requires no downtime for maintenance and costs less to run.
Our heat exchangers are suitable for solar concentrator fluid cooling, hydrogen generation cooling, combined heat and power cooling, wireless induction bus charging, auxiliary peak power cooling, organic rankine cycle cooling combined heating and cooling.


Heat exchangers are widely used in power industry. High efficiency heat exchangers can reduce energy consumption and achieve the purpose of energy-saving and emission-reduction.

Therefore, heat exchangers are widely used in the waste heat recovery of flue gas in power plant.

At present, the heat exchangers for the waste heat recovery mainly include dry coolers, GGH heat exchangers, etc.

Heat Exchanger for Power Plant

We have epoxy Al fin, inner grooved copper tube, flange, adiabatic system and EC/AC fans custom engineered for various end use conditions and geographies.

And to guarantee the product quality, we use full-automatic wielding device and automatic spray equipment from Germany in our processing line.


1.  High efficient heat exchanger

Reasonable design reduces fan loss while obtaining heat exchange.

Reasonable copper tube design reduces the pressure drop in the coil.

2.  Reasonable fan selection

Select AC/EC fans with low energy consumption.

Increase air fluidity and reduce noise.

Cooling of Power Plant

3.  Various materials for tubes and fins as options

Applicable in different industries for power plant, industrial HVAC, pharmaceutical factory, etc.


Cooling Solution for Power Plant

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